IMPORTANT improvement on Erio Filters

Starting from January 2019, ERIO began to supply the new range of filters with H grade of filtration. This will be a big step ahead in the field of dental laboratory filtration equipments. These filters, marked CE, comply the grade H of filtration under the UNI-EN 60335-2-69 standard. The H grade filtration has 10 more time efficiency compare to the grade M.
Dust category: L>99%  Hazardous dust with TLV >1 mg/m³ and NON hazardous dust
Dust category: M>99.9% Hazardous dust with TLV >0,1 mg/m³ and NON wood dust
Dust category: H>99.995% Hazardous dust with TLV <0.1 mg/m³ and carcinogenic dust
ATEX/B1 dust category M >99,9%    Explosive dust from explosion classes ST1, ST2 and ST3 in zone 22
TLV: threshold Limit Value /sources UNI EN 60335-2-69 Appendix AA

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