AS.PO is a portable suction unit ideal for both the dental laboratory and the dental surgery. It is compact, ergonomic, powerful and quiet. It provides absolute protection if the disks or rotary tools break. Its dust-containment system offers a healthy work environment. The unit is fitted with an 800W suction motor providing a very powerful and intense air flow in the work place with a highly efficient dual filter system. The first filter, of the bag type, has a 1780cm2 surface area, while the second one is 3654cm2. The motor has an average life of approximately 2500 hours, and doesn’t need the brushes replaced. The illumination is provided by an 10W LED lamp, which is completely free from flicker and has an exceptional colour rendition.
The dimensions are 44x60x109H cm. Noise: 62dBA.
Accessories on request:
RAR0080: variable speed electronic control system with automatic start/stop. It can operate both manually and automatically. It controls and displays the filter level. If the filters reach saturation, it stops the operations of the micro-motor and the extractor.