They are made of electro-galvanized steel painted in furnace. They are available in three different lengths (100-130-150cm for a total size of 107-137-157 cm), with shelf having a depth of 60cm and with door. For special requirements we can supply only the upper part of the hood with two brackets to be fixed on the wall.
The hoods are provided with extraction fan: 245W, 450m3/h, 61dBA.
C100, C130, 150: Hat with motor.
E58/G70 Hood 70 cm for polymerization.
E58/G100, E58/G130, E58/G150: 100,130,150 cm hood with door and motor.
E58/S100, E58/S130, E58/S150: 100,130,150 cm with hood and door motor and outside air intake.