DE.FO is an electrostatic purifier specially designed for furnace hoods. It is equipped with a filter cell that guarantees the almost total elimination of particulate pollutants (including fumes) in the air. DE.FO filter cell is certified by C.N.R. (Atmospheric Pollution Institute) that testifies its efficiency level (99%).
It can be supplied only with Erio hoods and upper hoods.
Stoves cannot be used under hoods equipped with DE.FO.
E58/S100 – E58/S130 – E58/S150
Special hood with external air intake.
The heating and conditioning of your laboratory are not compromised with this type of hood. The air taken from the suction unit DE.FO is drawn from the outside and carried directly into the hood. It is also possible to supply the special hood with a centrifugal extractor 245W 450m3/h 62dBA.