Working place 89cm long, with legs deep cm4, adjustable in height from a min. 86,5cm up to a max. 97cm, it is designed for roughing plaster, cutting and polishing metals, finishing precious metals, etc.
The ERIOBOX standard configuration, can be easily modified for left handed users.
Technical features:
· Dimensions and standard height cm89x64x120, weight 84Kg;
· 1000w motor, type “B”, has an average life of approximately 2500 hours, and doesn’t need the brushes replaced.
· Main filter with 4760 sqcms;
· Safety rectangular filter of 3654 sqcms before the motor;
· LED lamp 13W;
· Independent adjustment of the air pressure for the air-gun;
· Turbine housing;
· Nr.4 electrical plugs;
· Complete drawer with plastic tray;
· ”Sack full” indicator lamp;
· Adjustable dowel and extractor hood;
· Kit air compressed blower with botton on the working place;
· Glass protection cms 21x18x 6mms thick;
· Speed regulator;
· Side support for micromotor.
· Noise: 68dBA.
The Eriobox satisfies the degree of filtration for dust class“H” according to the rule EN-60335-2-69.
Accessories on request:
RAR0080: variable speed electronic control system with automatic start/stop. It can operate both manually and automatically. It controls and displays the filter level. If the filters reach saturation, it stops the operations of the micro-motor and the extractor.

Main Accessories: