The AS/CAM1B is suitable to be connected with a single milling machine. It is equipped with a new generation brushless motor, 1200 W single phase 230V, it has an average life longer than the normal universal motors, and doesn’t require any maintenance.
The unit has a main sack filter, with a surface area of 7300 cm² and a secondary cartridge filter of 5040 cm².
The two filters together comply with grade “H” of filtration under the EN-60335-2-69 standard.
The air is discharged by mean of a 5 cm pipe direct to atmosphere , reducing recycling of untreated dust. Suction activation can be manual, or on request, automatic using a interface designed for any milling machine. The unit is equipped with a sensor that check the status of the filters and in case of filters full, activates a red warning light.
Dimensions: 46x43x71H cm (allow 15 cm space on the right for connections).

Main Accessories: